Focus on Iowa and Big Ideas

"G$ has 2 posts in one day? Your car didn't get stolen again... did you?" On last Friday's post about the Iowa Comeback... I promised to post the article about Mitch Daniels and his big win on a bad night for Republicans.

It's today's MUST READ. I hope you take a minute to do so.

Deb Thornton posted in the comments on HawkeyeGOP about Daniels as well. Although I disagree with you on the 72 Hour Operation Deb... how do you think these folks got out?

So here's "G$ Moneys Idea/Question for the Weekend"... what are some bold solutions or ideas do you have for the State of Iowa?

Here's an example... a buddy of min ehas always argued that the state of Iowa should get rid of the fleet and just have a rnetal care accounts.

What's your idea?