21,000... Really?

“For real, dogg?” For real, dogg. Seriously QCI-ders… we pass yet again another milestone here at the World’s Crappiest Blog.... over 21,000 hits! I feel like we should do something special. Hmmmm… Sing a song? Nah… that won’t work… this isn’t the Firehouse Lounge. 21 perfect stair steps finished off with a mullet? No time for that type of precision. How about doing like we always do. Keepin' it real deal Holyfield…

GOPUMAs? Krusty has and interesting read today about a meeting of the minds. Takes a shot at Doug Gross. Hershel, Scheff Scheff has them too… every other year to organize for the conventions. You’re right though, KK. We need to unite… more on that later this week.
CHILI – Dudes, it’s officially chili weather. But come to think of it… there’s always room for chili.
HAWKS AND MENTAL HEALTH – Fact: When the Hawks win, everyone is in a better mood.
OVER AT 621 EAST 9TH – Anyone have a darkhorse for chair that isn’t being mentioned? Speak up.
VILSACK AS AG SEC? No way... maybe for something else... just because you're from Iowa, you too can be Secretary of Ag. But this isn't the Iowan who is going to get the big time appointment. Vilsack will not be Ag Sec. Anyone want to place bets?
YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST - Iowa AG Tom Miller will be the first Iowan to get a big time appointment in the Obama Administration, not Vilsack. He was one of the first to endorse him. Look for Miller's name connected to a high ranking Justice Department appointment.
BAILOUTS – Is it me or is everyone jumping in on the money free for all. GM… AMEX… damn. Seriously… if I didn’t get the Buick back or back in real crappy shape, I was ready to write Congress for a bailout. What’s the over under chance I’d get it?
NASCAR AND THE BIG 3 – Speaking of the economy… with all the trouble with the Big 3 American automakers… there’s talk that they may not be able to compete in NASCAR… YIKES! Somewhere in the booneys, there are rednecks loading their guns.
PALINThe Battlegrounders are talking Palin this morning. And they are starting to make sense.
STEELE NOT NEWT – Well that’s the scuttle butt out of DC. Steele wants to be RNC Chair, not Newt… because Newt wants to run for POTUS... but that's just us speculating.

“So and so… thinks it's kinda creepy that Elvis is buried just a few feet away from the swimming pool at Graceland. (A good cannonball could soak him.)”

And as someone rightly pointed out, “He did die over water you know.”

AND FINALLY… We’ve been tapping into the KIOA catalogs for tunes… and I believe I may have committed a ginormous sin… playing no Elvis. We’ll solve that right now with a little ode to the bastard who stole the Buick… and all the other fellas in cellblock B…