Hawks Win, Chiefs Still Suck, G 'n R and 2012

HAWKS – QCI-ders… that my friends was a Hayden Fry-like beating. 55-Zip! Love it. Now we’re definitely Florida bound, in my humble opinion. The national pundits forget how much the bowl peeps love themselves 30,000 of their black and gold clad midwestern friends invading their area. I think the best headline ever… was the Miami Herald during the Orange Bowl, “THEY’RE WHITE, THEY’RE POLITE AND THEY’RE EVERYWHERE – Iowa Fans Invade Miami Beach.”
TOLD YOU SOPer the DMR… Vilsack ain’t gonna be Sec of Ag.
CHIEFS – Sigh… man they are so bad. Although, gotta tell ya… for as terrible as the Chiefs are… their Radio Broadcasts are the best in the NFL… I know I’m biased… but think about this, they have to be that good to still listen to... when the team sucks so bad. Props to Mitch Holthus in the pregame show yesterday. Chiefs quick fact… the Chiefs Fox Radio Network is the 4th largest in the NFL. Heard in 7 states on 56 different stations.
QCI-DERS MAKE HISTORY – Of course they do… QCI-ders made Rock ‘n Roll History this weekend. It was the first time in Rock ‘n Roll history that the band had to tell the audience to keep it down. Mad props to Sonny Humbucker. F’n aye John Deere right you guys Humbuckin’ rock! Loved the Bill Withers bit… excellent.
CAN G$ SURVIVE IN WEST DES MOINES? Yes… only if I’m in the buffer zone… and if I’m gonna catch a Hawkeye Victory at the Skybox Lounge. Yes… I went to Crap Des Moines this weekend… I was in the buffer zone, had sunblock on and had a rosary in my pocket. Don’t worry I made it back in DSM proper… and got to Flanagan’s before I turned back into a pumpkin… the Republic is still safe.
RECOUNT MINNESOTA – I know there are QCI-ders in the thick of the Minnesota Recount right now. Post some comments from the experience. Anyone getting to chase a Ryder Truck for 10 hours? Awe… memories…

“So and so… Forbes.com: Mitch Daniels says "Yes you can."

Yes!!! I’m an unofficial Hawkeyes for Mitch chair! Sadly... he won't run. But it would be great if he did...

G n R VS. CHINESE GOVERNMENT – Well… Chinese Democracy finally hit stores yesterday… a project from Guns n Roses that started in the studio in 1994… and the Chinese Government is pissed.
SPEAKING OF 2012 – It started this week… everyone in the LBC is talking about the return of Huckamania… but the Jindal visit is sparking some chatter. Enter Battleground and D-Chung. I was at the Skybox watching the Hawkeye thumping… so for you QCI-ders who were at the Jindal event… what did you think?
YOUR QUESTIONS, COMMENTS & INSULTS – Have Thanksgiving Dinner sized post answering your chatter out there… without the food coma... but with masshed potatos if you would like... with butter... no gravy... It's coming later this week. Thanks for all of your participation!

AND FINALLY… All the hub bub about G n R… totally gets my favorite G n R song in my head… Crank this up!