Don't You Care?

Alright... QCI-ders, we're reporting from God's Country, Iowa for today's post as I am picking up the Buick. The LeSabre looks great and ready to ride... but how about a little randomnous for the road? Have small a cooler and know gravel roads like the back of your hand? Well then enjoy this roadie randomnous!

WOOT! Just checking the South Hamilton Record News and see there is going to be live music up at the bowling alley... holla! Thanksgiving Vigil tradition... nothing like bar hopping in a small town! Woot!

ARRRRRRRRRRGH! Seriously guys... I think I'm getting a little obsessed with this Pirate thing.

LET'S GO HAWKS!!! Come on Hawks! I need a Tampa vacation!!

SIGH... Is it me? Maybe it is. I could have sworn that the Caucuses were done... last January. I think most of you know how that ended up... right? Why are we still debating the ins and outs of Caucus. This isn't rocket science... is it? Krusty is rehashing that mess again. And the Krustacians are restless... sigh...

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Great segway to our favorite daily feature....


"So and so... is thinking it would be funny if she did something crazy & out of character...like get a job, move, disappear, go on a real vacation, get married, abuse drugs...;-)."

Hmmm... vacations are nice...

THE DUMB ASS BLAME GAME - Holy crap... seriously? One of the big subjects that's lighting up comment sections of the blogs lately is this really stupid dumb ass blame game. Sorry... there's no other way I can put it. It's everywhere... "It's the Social Conservatives fault!" "It's the moderates fault!" "If we only had 1,000 more McCain/Palin barn signs!" "They were too conservative!" "They were too moderate!" "It's the Pro-Lifers fault!" "It's the Pro-Choicers fault!" Blah, blah, blah, blah... f'ing blah. For crying out loud... has anyone blamed the Iowa Federation of Republican Women yet? What? Anyone? You are all blaming every other faction... why not those evil doers!!!! Well, WHY DON'T YOU!!!!

Obviously I'm joking about the GOP Women. You're getting my point, right? Now again, I am not the sharpest tool in the garage... but if everyone is blaming everyone... and everyone has some valid points... don't you think we as a whole party failed? Think about that for a while.

AND FINALLY... because... somedays I wonder... here's a little question for all of you infighting... I've asked the Smothers Brothers to introduce the song... "Don't You Care" by the Buckinghams... yes, I know you all care about the party, that's why you are in the thick of it... Let's circle the wagons and have a real discussion instead... cool? This is obviously just a stretch of a question to use as an excuse to play another Buckinghams song... I'm a big fan.