HAP HAP HAPPY HALLOWEENERS QCI-ders!!! Ha ha weeners… or is it wieners. Let’s get to this scary radndomness!

LATHAM 5 FOR 5 – Our hero TL is taking Becky Not Gonna Win Greenwho to the woodshed with newspaper endorsements… as everyone in the LBC is talking about. Hell even the Screamin’ Freeman endorsed TL… so you know the DMR has gone compeltely… (the new buzz word of Iowa Blogs) Bat Shit Crazy.

The U Dubs (UAW for those of you reading in Story City) have some dumb ass ads bashing Latham and then promoting Greenwho. Hey, I’ll give those Union guys credit… at least they are doing more than one ad. Greenwho Camapaign… are you taking notes?
LOCAL AND WEAK – Scarpino has a hit ad on EJ on the 50,000 watt blow torch of the Middle West. It’s kind of weak and if you are gonna attack someone on the radio… use some creepy old dude’s voice and spooky music… other than that… that’s a WEAK effort. Is Greenwho’s campaign running 2 campaigns?

FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO… love to remind people that John McCain is against ethanol subsidies… of which by the way… he’s agianst ALL subsidies… ASS… and this is pretty well know before anyway… so this is a non issue… morons…
Anyways, check out what the chosen one said about farmers… um… basically Obama thinks farming hurts the world… Here’s the article and Smoker Hating Emily and Crew is on it.
“That’s a stretch there G$.” Not my point here… this is why no one… NO ONE is diggin up this guy’s past… because it’ll show how much of a leftist ding bat this guy really is.
A loyal reader made a great point over a few adult beverages… “Look at this guy, he’s polished, well disipline gifted speaker. Has all of the right answers. But the one time an average person… non scripted question from the now infamous Joe the Plumber… his first instincts were to answer with probably the MOST Marxist answer I’ve heard from a candidate… Spread the Wealth. That’s all he could think of when it came to taxes.” Spread the wealth? Spread this. This brotha’s point is dead on.

Enough with the ranting… let’s see who’s on Facebook…


“So and so is… going to speak tonight at IUSB Lecuture series on Crisis Management...so much irony it hurts.”

Oh irony, sweet irony.

DON'T FORGET TO KEEP VOTING... Like we talked about yesterday for the Gameday Post.... MMM, Latham, Helland and 69 all have votes.

AND FINALLY… I posted this late yesterday… but worth watching again… I think Jim Rome did his entire show about this video. You can hear the cling to this guy’s head. Worth watching wat least 20 times… it’s only 12 second long.