Upon Further Review Day

Huhuhuhuhu Huge #goodjoboutofyou's to all the peeps in the Smack Down. It was freaking epic. Great style points, takes and yes... even Junior High humor. What more could the World's Crappiest Blog ask for, right? Anyways... we's gearing up for some live stuff coming straight from the Eastside... so be ready...

2009 SMACK DOWN - Want to give shouts to Amory Blaine, SixSecondsofHell and.. the Huhuhuhu Huge take of the day from Sir Smack-a-lot. That stuff was off the chain! Also, Skanks is back? who knew?

GAMEDAY POST III - Yups... were doing one... stay tuned for that. Epic.

SEPERATION SATURDAY LIVE - If you're heading to the RPI deal on Saturday... look me up in Blogger Row.... have some fun stuff for you... (I'm talking to you candidates too)... For those of you who can't make it... grab a 12er of Beast Light... a bag of chips... and a couple packs of smokes and tune in to the awesomeness... Lot's of surprises and you'll even think you were there... except you don't have to put on a shitty tie or fight Eastsider traffic. It's on C-Span too.... so think of it as... Fantasy Football for dorks. It's gonna be awesome!!!!

Until then... stay thirsty friends...