DHMIL: The Emmenecker

Way way long time since we did one of these… but I thought I would share an epic journey in food… Thanksgiving came early for all of us here at QCI HQ…

You know… because we are very impressionable and are influenced easy… a loyal QCI-der inspired us to do this… (Thanks Humpy Bumpy!) Totally scored an Emmenecker at Jethro’s… what’s and Emmenecker? Here’s the deets from Jethro’s menu:

The Adam Emmenecker
The Missouri Valley Conference most valuable Player of 2008 loves this sandwich. It's big.. "really big".. just like all those really big shots Adam in the Bulldog's magical MVC Championship Season of 2008. Start with our huge tenderloin, add our Angus steak burger, top it with a slab of Texas brisket and apple wood bacon, finish it with buffalo chicken tender, smother this mountain with melted cheddar cheese, and white cheddar sauce, serve it with your favorite choice of side. This could hurt you! A sandwich fit for the MVP.

Now… all of us here at the HQ give Jethro’s a way thumbs up for everything… but for some dumb reason… we were all GAME! FREAKING! ON! I mean… look at the description… this is about as an epic sandwich you can get…

Did we finish it? Awe hell no… that wasn’t the goal. Just another day of being awesome… of which will be a chapter in the book entitled… “Why did you do that? Uh… Because It’s Awesome”.

Anyways… I Tex Mexed the pic to some of my peeps… reactions were the following:

“WOWWWWWW!” I know! “Epic.” Yes, epic. “You’re insane, get some help.” Insanely awesome! “Yes please!” Yes. “That’s revolting.” “That just made me sick.” Haters…Holler.” “Good God G$, don’t eat it.” "Dude your heart is going to explode." Too late! When I grow up, I wanna be awesome. Teach me master” Watch and learn grasshopper. I miss your face.” What the… and finally “You have medical insurance, right?”

So yeah… here’s a pic of the Emmenecker…. Enjoy. Now off to Jewell before the snow hits!