Weekend Update... That blasted Harrison ERR Cliff Barnes....

Crank the Tears for Fears because we’re rolling out a Weekend Update. As we know… everybody wants to rule the World… So let’s get to some updates.. random as always…

DID MCKINLEY JUST CALL THE CULVER ADMINISTRATION STUPID? Um. He just might have… Per spam from the Paulster here... Whoah, I get guess he did.
OH HELL YES!!! So we gets ourselves a down ticket statewide primary. Not that we aren’t disappointed with the field… but now since Eichhorn has jumped in… and possibly Pate… We get to bust out Ace Ventura pics again… FInkle and Eichhorn… Eichhorn or Finkle!!?!?!
GMLB ON TV – Weird… we thought we saw ole GMLB up on the air the other night… but it was just some lobby group trying to get you to call him and say thanks for some thing they spend a lot of money to pass. So.. yeah thanks GMLB… for uh.. never mind.
SEPAKING OF GAYS – So Joy Corning is making phone calls… telling peeps to support Gay Marriage. Wonder if GMLB got himself a call. Loves himself some gay marriage.
THEN THE SHIT STORM – Now the ICA and IFPC are getting all huffy and puffy. Got spammed by the ICA peeps and Hurla Hurley (our new nickname) sent out thingers… Not sure if there’s a crowd of folks assembled outsode of the TEB HQ with torches and pitch forks… but I’d be on the look out.
WHICH IS ALL GOOD RIGHT? So… now the focus in the GOP Primary is all gays all the time… and peeps on Fleur Drive and Terrace Hill are smirking… because everyone has stopped talking about the mismanagement of the Big Lug.
HARRISON BARNES TO UNC – Yeah… not a shocker. Oh come Iowa Staters…did you really think you were going to get him? Child please, I have a better shot of Elizabeth Shue stopping to see me at Vets Auditorium over lunch hour for a Nooner… yeah… never was or never will happen.
HUHUHU HUGE TAKE FROM THE TWITTER - #goojoboutyou to one of our favorite peeps John Gilliland over at ABI for when he Tweeted: “YIKES - if Braley is right and Congress passes public option in health care IA's 60,000 insurance jobs @ risk.”
RAIDER WEEK – Raider week!!!! Actually feeling good about this one. Methinks that we actually got a shot being Larry-less for a week. BTW… good luck to you sirs who pick him up on wavers… #horriblejoboutofyou
EPIC BOOK UPDATE – Yeah this thing is getting off the chain. Basically this book is gonna take all of the coolest things there are… and smoosh them together. Epic.

AND FINALLY… Over at QCI HQ… we’re beginning to become real big fans of the Jimmy Fallon Show… basically because of the Roots… Last night they slow jammed the news… we’re totally doing that soon… so stay thirsty friends… and crank up… Oh… and that’s the news and I am out of here…