Dwayne, Zach, Everclear... and Shirts versus Skins

Alright… a little more G$ish stuff today… Of which I know totally annoys most of you… But for real… kind of a weird day like that. Anyways… we hit another day of highs and lows here at the QCI HQ… Let’s get to it.

WTF, WTF, WTF… DWAYNE! You have to be f’ing joking me. But per the Chiefs PR tweeter…. Its true. Star receiver Dwayne Bowe is suspended for 4 games for PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). This is so friggin awesome… no it isn’t you moron. GRRRRRRRR… You think I’m pissed? How about Matt Cassel? Better yet… wouldn’t want to run into Todd Haley right now. Dude would rip your head off. Urgh…
WOOT! ZACH ATTACK! Just when we are getting let down by teams we follow… some good news… Kansas City Royal Zach Greinke is your 2009 AL Cy Young Award winner. This dude is epic. Crazy thing is… if you know his story… he almost quit baseball… now he’s… sing it Tina… “Simply the best!” Oh yeah… that was totally dripping with Cheese Whiz… get over it.
CONGRATS MR AND MRS OLD BOY! Direct from the Amazing Crappy Not-so-breaking news Tex Mexing Thinger… We can report that Old Boy is now a father. I know I can collectively speak for the entire QCI-der community when I say, “Holy crap! Old boy is a baby daddy!?!” Just kidding here. Per a tex mex… It’s a boy! Max Russell Johansen, 6 pounds, 9 ounces, 19 inches… born this morning. Again congrats to Eric and Tara… #goodjoboutofyou

It’s been a while… so lets do one of these…


“So and so… ran into the ‘twisted firestarter’ last night. She set fire to my Jeep back in the day. And yes, she was a dancer. ‘was’ being the key word. She is not so pretty, but still twisted.”

This is epic if you really know the deets... epic.

WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH THERE BIG LUG – Now… I’m gonna be the last one to poke fun at Culver on this stuff. I mean, in case you haven’t heard… I have would doctors call…. A little bit of a weight problem… So yeah, hi kettle, my name is black. How are you? But my man… holy schnikes on the pics on the DMR now... ERRR no longer on the DMR... I mean… I have done a Chris Farley routine a time or 2… yups the Swayze one… but, I’m not the Gov. Yikes… his week, not so much for him. But come on dude... you didn't think someone was gonna snaps the pics with your shirt off? Holy smokes... again, nice to meet you kettle, I'm Black... nice to meet you. Um... who gets fired now for letting this happen to Governor is the next question...
CHRISTMAS AWESOMENESS, GOD’S COUNTRY STYLE – So if you been a long time reader, you know my Pops is putting on an addition to the Garage. Yes, the Legendary Garage… the best place in the World. But get this… for Jewell Christmas tour of homes on December 6th… the garage is on the tour… not the house… the garage. Email me up for the deets if want to hit the Christmas garage tour. Epic.
EVERCLEAR UNDER INVESTIGATION – So… the State peeps are now saying that want to discuss Everclear… due to the Drake kid going to the hospital and such. Ummm… where were these dudes during most College Republican functions in the mid ’90s? I know at least 10 people at the ole CR parties I could call on for a report on Everclear… I bet all of the conclusions on their reports end… something like… “Get this… Everclear will f you up. I mean they clean lab tools with this shit for Christ’s sake. Duh.”

AND FINALLY… A quick little plug for one of pals who will be performing at the Funny Bone over Thanksgiving weekend… (dude, we’ll be there) Old school NIACC pal Josh Alton… saw the show a while back… epic. Good stuff… oh and weird enough… here’s his bit on Community College… here's all the deets on him and his stop back in Iowa. Until then, stay thirsty friends….