State of the Union? Meh.

Alright... This weather is getting OC... outta control. I mean I really don't want to complain about it... but man is it cold. And, I know its been colder. But it just doesn't seem to want to stop. So... to think warm thoughts, I've been sifting trough old pictures, where it was summer. Just to remind myself that it does get warm here.

STATE OF THE UNION - Yeah... didn't see it. I know wierd. And I really do enjoy the SOTU... the pomp and circumstance that comes with it... but this year I was just... meh. I mean... its all leaked out before. Whoever the President is... the opposite party is just going to disagree with everything... and yes, I agree with the Rs on all the talking points... but it just gets a little old after while. I opted to read a few SOTU tweets during dinner... and karaoke instead. Actually, I think it would be better if Congress would karaoke their debates and such. How epic would that be? Anyways... didn't watch it. I don't need to sit and watch POTUS tell me how bad it is... or know that our country is going in the wrong direction... Because, I watch the news and read this thing called the internets. I'd rather spend time replacing him and the Majority Party in power of Congress... but that's just me...


None today... why? First, you people are unispiring today (smirk). Second... you have to read this instead. Because this is THE MUST READ article from the Oatmeal... How to Suck at Facebook, read it all right here. If you have a Facebook account, this article will change your life.

LO SIENTO - Alright... I was recently reminded that I did not give a shout out for some quick IT help from a loyal QCI-der. So here it is. Chad Barth, you are the coolest. Barthy was quick with some IT help... like super fast. So #horriblejoboutofme on not mentioning this and #goodjoboutofyou for being a super hero Barth. Epic.

ANNOUNCEMENTS AND STUFF - OK. Working on a few things that may blow your mind.... alright... probably not... but cool stuff is on the way. I know, I know... I always say this then its short lived. Remember... like the mullet, greatness takes time. So stay tuned.

AND FINALLY... How about some Fine Young Cannibals? OK, good.