Post 400...

Bonne année... er Happy 2010 QCI-ders! And... post 400!!!! Wow.

Anyways... because I'm Iowan that way... the weather. Holy freaking crap it's freezing! I mean dayam. It's a nice balmy -15 in the DeMo... and everywhere else it seems.

So cold it hurts. Yeah... I'm serious. So I was thinking, since this the 400th post... I'd do some cutesy fun thinger. But... my brain is frozen. So how about keepin' it random? Or oldish... meaning keeping it low key on sucha momentous occasion... Awesome. Let's get to it...

CHIEEEEEEFS! In case you missed it... and or followed my super annoying tweets yesterday... The Chiefs beat the My Little Ponies in the World's Largest Meth Lab (Investco Field). It was awesome. Great way to start 2010! Also... we're pretty sure that Champ Bailey is a drug lord. For real... ok, maybe we made that up... but judging that he plays for Denver... we wouldn't be surprised... just like when I once heard the John Elway only uses his lawn mower only to run over puppies... may sound kind of extreme... but it is John Elway. So I wouldn't put it past him.
HAWKEYES - Yeah... starting to get a little... ER REALLY fired up for the Orange Bowl. Yeah... after catching football for like 2 weeks in a row... It's time for the Hawks. QCI ORANGE BOWL Prediction: Georgia Tech 2, Iowa 89. Yeah... the Hawks show mercy in the 4th quarter when Ricky Stazi takes a knee in the endzone for a safety... Because Stanzi is merciful.
CANDIDATES - Sing it everyone, "Candidates, we have candidates... we have tons and tons of... candidates!" Alright... getting tons of releases from you peeps. #goodjoboutofyou! But... because this is one of my New Year's Resolutions... (I'm working on my list... will post soon)... is to help peeps out... I mean... there's so many of us who could sit on the sidelines and keep it to yourself... but... how does that fix stuff and make everyone better? So... especially you Federal Candidates... of which seems to be a billion of them now... here's a couple tips:

1) Everyone has forgot it once... so no big deal... Disclaimers... know what "Paid for by" that is supposed to go on your materials... when you forget... some snarky press release will be sent by your opponent. Disclaimers, disclaimers, disclaimers... Here's a good rule for you: Before sending a release or proofing campaign lit ask, "Where's the disclaimer?" You'll be good to go.
2) Be sure you know the goals of your social media. Are you a news feed? Want to document how hard you are working while on the campaign trail? Getting the message of the day out? Figure it out... And QCI-ders know what I'm talking about. Also, use it... don't just be there because someone told you. Use the stuff.


"So and so... just read the '5 things not to do at your company xmas party', There is an 80% chance that i will get 4 out of 5 done tonight at 801 Grand !!!"

What kind of hotel is this!

DUDE... THE OFB IS CLOSED - Alright... I know we did the Decade in Review post... but this is just another piece of news that made me feel... old? Or... nostalgic? Drink... the Original Fun Bar closed its doors last night... will be reopened... but prolly with a different name. Man, remember when that place was the joint? You know... until out of towners ruined it? Yeah... epic.
PREDICTIONS - Lots of predicitions going on out there for the 2010 Elections... that's what peeps like us go. But I'm gonna hold off on mine... oh wait, I do have one, 2010 is gonna be epic. I know big surprise.

AND FINALLY... I got this email forwarded from a loyal QCI-der... There's been some Hawkeye Rap Videos popping up here and there. Here's the said email:

Its two days until Iowa and the orange bowl. What better way to get pumped than with the midwest anthem by my friend Rizzle Dazzle and his midwest krew. Please help me spread this around to any iowa fan you know!!! I want to make sure Rizzle gets more hype and hits than his new nemesis in the rap game... Notti Boy... There is only room in Iowa for one Hawkeye rapper!Go Hawks!

You heard him! Check this out!