Bummer, 3rd... Parties, Marriage, 24... Finkle and Eichhorn...

Hey QCI-ders... what's up with weekends... ending? *sadface*

A lot of things going on. And we could totally start of with some witty and clever way to kick today's post off... but as Jack Bauer would remind us, "WE DON'T HAVE TIME!"

OK! We'll just get to it...

BUMMER, BLOGGER THINGER - So I missed it. Was completely pumped... then had a small emergency. So I couldn't go. But I did get some liner notes. A meeting for bloggers in the LBC was led by our main man Rep. Erik Helland... from district 69... (smirk) Talking legislative stuff and had some caucus staff there to go in depth about issues.... mainly the budget. Look for the Iowa Rightosphere to be more involved in the reporting and coverage on what's going on in the dome... Nice work peeps... I promise I'll be at the next one.
PLAYOFFS - Some freaking boring games this weekend. So who is going to the Super Bowl? Uh... not sure yet. While everyone will say I'm wrong... I could flip a coin on this... so maybe Friday we'll do my picks.
THIRD PARTIES - So... per the Iowa Independent this morning... let the 3rd Party talk begin with Bob Vander Plaats. Which I gotta say, is very disappointing to hear. We haven't even had debates... and we are already talking about this.
MARRIAGE FALL OUT- If you look around the neighborhood. Peeps are still chirping about the IFPC and BVP. Insane Shane has a good read... as well as C-Raig. Consensus is... not sure if its good to be all in. We shall see, I guess.


"So and so... All I really want is to make my dream come true. My status as the QCI FB status of the day."

You see! We make dreams come ture here. So there you go.

24 - How freaking awesome is it? Yes. Freaking awesome.
NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS - Yeah... starting to get out of the buffer zone with this. I will post my New Year's Resolutions tomorrow... Yes I know there are like three weeks late... Um... kind of woul dbe very G$-like if they were on time now... would they? OK... this will be an interesting post. Stay thirsty on this one.
DEMS AND MONEY - Interesting... starting to see webs ads bought on local Iowa newspaper sites... Paid for by the Iowa Democratic Party.... Between the Culver Campaign and the IDP... that's starting to be one hell of a burn rate.
GOLDEN GLOBES - I was watching 24... but I think I saw the most brilliant Tweet during that broadcast, "Just a minute Haiti, we'll be right back to you. We're giving prizes to all of our rich people right now."
FINKLE AND EICHHORN, EICHHORN AND FINKLE - A little late on this... But George Eichorn scored some good endorsements last week. Very impressive list. This thing is getting very interesting in the SOS Primary. Man, this primary season is so much fun.

AND FINALLY... I always love a good cover... but once in a while you come across GREAT covers... Dipping into the old Young-Hove DJ Service Archives... with this awesome song with Bobby Womack... So just sit back... relax... crank this... and let the soul take control... So freaking epic... Stay thirsty friends.