How bout them Hawkeyes QCI-ders? Freaking awesome. Orange Bowlish stuff to cover today... hit it.

RICKY STANZI'S ACT OF AWESOMENESS - I'm not talking about how he played... but his post game interview.... How freaking hilarious was the now famous Stanzi question from Chris Meyers? If you haven't seen it check it here. I think I have heard the same speech on a Saturday morning on WWF during the Cold War. Also, I love how the Manzi looks back at his team mates after the fist pump. Kind of like, "Yeah, I just said that on National TV." Not only was it a good win... but now Stanzi the Manzi just made it freaking epic. Thus an act of awesomeness.
KIRK FERENTZ ACT OF AWESOMENESS - Yup... from the Post Game Interview again... Fenentz refers to Georgia Tech as Wake Forest. Hahahahaha! Awesome. Yeah, after a month of no respect from Vegas, writers... Jimmy Johnson... whether he meant it or not... nice little jab to the haters from America's NEW Team.
YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME - Alright... I admit... there aren't many Dems I would say I hate. To me hate is a strong word. It just is... I'll disagree with your positions then... I'm good to go. I call it "Keeping the Peace, Wil E Coyote-Sheepdog Style" right? Because I just think... its just a horrible way to live your life... being cranky and hating all the time... Word. But... hate showed its weary head to me at the beginning of the Orange Bowl Broadcast... Jimmy freaking Carter... are you kidding me?!?! Jimmy effing Carter. Hello blood... you have seemed to come to a boil. Yeah. Good thing Kirk had the old "ANF" decals on this year... hope the former President saw them. Like I said... he's probably the only Democrat that gets me all foaming at the mouth... other than that... I genuinely believe anyone who runs thinks (in their mind) they are doing the right thing... I just may disagree with the means.


"So and so... 'Looking forward to session is like looking forward to an AIDS test this year' - Best. Description. Ever."

And follow up comment posted under the same status...

"My favorite is, first day of session is like the first day of school, except everyone lies to you"

Awe... the Circus returns to the DeMo Monday... The legislative session always reminds me of
my favorite quote from the legendary Steve Roberts: "Don't tell my mother I'm a lobbyist, she still thinks I play the piano in a whore house." Epic.

Also... speaking of "Statuses of the day..." Here's a hilarious ReTweet from one of the newest members of the LBC, Ann Leary:

RT @annleary: I just like a good poke @creepycupid Guys don't let Facebook privacy settings get in the way of ur love. Blocking is foreplay.

Anyways.. if you like dogs, animals, random New Englander things and fun stuff... be sure to add Ann to your reads. Here's her link. Oh and speaking of the Twitters... follow me up tweeps.

SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT - The B-Dub has this story linked about a lady from Newton who's contact info was posted in the "adult classifieds" on Craigs List by someone else... So now, she's getting flooded with "offers" via phone, Tex Mexes, ect... Says she knows who did it... but won't press charges... because, she could could get charged for something she did to the said person who posted the info. Kinda makes ya wonder what she did to that person... holy schnikeys. What kind of hotel is this? Yikes...

AND FINALLY... Man... working on New Year's Resolutions... Dudes... don't worry... I think I'm still in the buffer zone to write them... anyways... never done these before... or really thought much to stuff like that. And... you know... since its a new decade... new year... I really want to make good ones... then be super psycho about keeping them... combine that with Catholic guilt... and I should be one hot mess by March... just in time for Lent!!!!

So yeah. I wanna be realistic, but be epic at the same time... you know... really explore the space... so... this makes it hard... I'll post them here so I can get millions of snarky comments... Tex Mexes and stuff... about how I'm doing... Call it the QCI Self help Accountability team... and you all have badges now.

So... we'll see how it goes... I mean if I really put my mind to it... I can do it... I mean... I grew a freaking mullet for crying out load... You grow a mullet, you can accomblish anything... I think Mr. Myagi said that or something... so its true. Anyways... So I'll maybe get these done during #iowadeathstorm3 that is rolling in right now... until then... Geek out to this classic from the Foo Fighters...