I think it’s about time for a mix tape. So, in honor this day… August 1, 1983… when MTV hit the air, we here at QCI are gonna do our first Mix Tape feature… here’s some videos and songs we can’t get out of our head right now. What’s your current top songs and or videos? Here’s today’s… Remember when MTV only showed videos? Yup just aged myself. I WANT MY REAL MTV!!! In no particular order…

Michael Jackson – Thriller
Yea, since Jacko has requested no embedding of the original video on YouTube… here’s the Penn State Band doing their little rendition of the Classic. Seriously, nothing gets a party going like this song. Nice work Penn State… what would you expect… it’s the Big Ten. Plus if you’re talking MTV and videos… this is the first one you talk about.

Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul
Gnarls rules… this one just came out… brilliant video and great song.

Metallica – Sad But True
What would be a QCI post without a Metallica reference? “Oh yea G$, these totally sold out on that on.” Oh yea? The sell out… every show!

Boomtown Rats – Up All Night
IN Fly Over mention them the other day… so I have been cranking this one. Also, it’s the song before the last segment on the Jim Rome Show… video is a little weird, but song… addicting.

English Beat – Mirror in the Bathroom
Since I’m in a New Wave mood… might as well go with it. Great tune to crank up when you’re hot and heavy working on a project.

David Bowie – Modern Love
This song will want to make you do the Carlton. Can’t go wrong with Bowie…

The Thrills – Big Sur
Just a damn good feel good summer song.

Von Bondies – C’mon C’mon
Um… love this song because of it being the theme song for one of the best television shows… ever (in my mind)… Rescue Me.

Kid Rock – So Hott
Gonna end this one with a bang… and a little Kid. Just a bad ass song worth blowing you speakers on. So good….