Happy Friday to you and yours QCI-ders… You know for the first weekend of the Fair… it’s not so bad of weather out. Headed to KC this weekend for a baby shower and family revelry in honor of my future nephew. So here’s a little bit of stuff to get you through the weekend. If anything happens or if I run into famous Kansas Citians… you be sure to see it over the weekend. On to the randomnous…

BIG WIN – Speaking of Kansas City, my beloved Chiefs picked up a big win last night. I can hear you sarcasm now… “Is he really fired up about a preseason win?” Well when your favorite team has only won 6 games (pre and regular season) since December of 2006, yes you do. Plus, the first drive was solid and Croyle winning me over… It will be an interesting season.

MAC IS BACK – In Iowa! Great to have JSM in Des Moines today. He hit the fair, saw the boar, at a pork chop on a stick, other fried foods, and did the soap box. Raised some dineros and rolled out of town. All reports close to QCI are telling us he was a big hit.

OLYMPICS – Let me be the first to say it… I haven’t even seen the opening ceremonies and I’m already over the Olympics. Seriously? Yeah. A wise man told me once, “You Iowans need to act like you’ve been there before.” Nothing more could be true with the Johnson and Lolo show. Yes, we’re proud of all the athletes from the Tall Corn State whose talents will take them better places… but think about this… do other states go over board for their athletes? I put money on it that they don’t make them out of butter. Get used to hear about this all the time… you know… until Lance Armstrong comes back to the state. Earth to all fellow Iowans… act like you’ve been there before. So Olympics… you and me are so over… you know, until the women’s sand volleyball is over, then that’s it.

SNAKES ON A REPORTER! To get your weekend off to hilarious starts, check out what happens when Curtis Gertz meets a snake out at the fair. Here’s you must see link of the day. Click Here.

Kind of reminds me of one of the most hilarious movies of all time… QCI-ders, let’s welcome Mr. Jackson to the stage…