Cool. As in staying cool. For crying out loud was it hot. Now that it is calming down, how about a little randomous from your ole pal G$. Good, let’s begin.

SMOKE ‘EM IF YOU GOT ‘EM - Got an interesting email from a group today that will sure get Smoker Hating Emily at Battleground all fired up again. A new group called Choose Freedom Iowa is up and going. Learn all about them by checking here. Their goal is to eliminate the smoking ban. While I’m all for it… it just might be a little late fellas.

HELL YES! In case you’re wondering, we’re a little more than a month away from the release of Death Magnetic… the 9th album of the beloved Metallica. So if you’re sick of all the Metallica stuff here… better load up on Pepto Bismol. That thing is gonna shred! Is it September 12 yet?

KRUSTY AND HIS 12 PACK – Ole Hershel did a sort of follow up piece to his 12 pack. He sure seems to have Dewaay and Rastetter on the brain when it comes to 2010. QCI chimed in with our sleeper… Mark Pearson. Don and Bruce are great Republicans and great members of the business community… but you heard it here first, it ain’t gonna happen. I’ve condensed down his list to the QCI Sack of 40s. In no particular order, here’s a more likely set up:

Chuck Larson – According to various reports, he’s been courted
Bob VanderPlaats – Has been running since the end of 2006
Steve King – The 800 pound conservative gorilla
Mark Pearson (and or another wild card) – I still think this is a name you see more than Hershel’s favorites. If he don’t’, another candidate we haven’t heard of yet… but will raise eyebrows.

Truth be told, one or two of these 4 will drop out before the primary. Because #1, it splits up a lot of factions, #2, a 4 way race… is just dumb… well it is. Anyway, that’s just my take. As I usually am... I'm probably way off.

Thoughts QCI-ders? How about trying that comment section on the interweb. Smell ya later.