Alright, now that I have totally alienated more than half of our loyal QCI-ders by doing a Hawkeye Preview and getting yelled at by my brother… let’s get back to what we do best here. Be completely random.

NEW SONG HITS TOMORROW!Metallica is set to release the first song, “The Day That Never Comes,” tomorrow at 1:00pm Iowa time. So tune into Lazer tomorrow around then, they should have it. This is going to rule.

SIGN, SIGN, EVERYWHERE A SIGN – The McCain peeps are having a sign making party tomorrow over at the Victory HQ in Ur-bon-delay… Urbandale for you nonhipsters… I plan I being there… I’m kind of the sign making champion of the world. You heard me Mean Gean. So be there around 5:30pm. What you gonna do when McCainiacs run wild on you? Paint.

SPEAKING OF ARTS AND CRAFTS TIME – Here are a few different artsy sites for you to totally waste time on. I’m moving in a week… so I have been using and abusing Apartment Therapy. Also, if you are obsessed with sports logos… (isn’t everyone?) check out the Society of Sports Uniform Research. And if that doesn’t fill the void for your inner sports art geek, you should be reading UniWatch. It’s kind of the law.

SMACK TALK OPEN LINE TIME – Well since football is here… (yea, I count the preseason) and the IOWA/iowa state Game is less than 4 weeks away… let’s have a little contest. “Sweet!’ I know. Alright let the smacketh begin. A special prize will be given to a QCI-der for the best Cyclone Slam and one for the best Hawkeye Slam. Must be clever… the judges like 4th grade humor… just saying. I’ll start!