HMMM… THE NFL – Am I the only one who is giddy the NFL preseason has started? “Yea, G$, get excited for the first 6 snaps where the starters are in… dork.” Whatever… “Ah… I’m more of a college football guy G$, sorry…” Huh? Your loss pal. This is when I start whistling “It’s the Most Wonderful Time, of the Year!” Welcome back NFL!

FIRE UP THE BULLSH*T ALERT – Speaking of the NFL, it was Hall of Fame Weekend in Canton, OH… and who was left out for the 4th year in a row? One of my favorite Chiefs of all time, the late great Derrick Thomas. Can’t wait for the hate mail on this one… Seriously? Andre Tippet and no DT? This is AAA grade, DEFCON level 1 bullshit. Bob Gretz knocks this one out of the park.

THE BOZ – No, not the former Seattle Seahawk/Oklahoma standout turned action hero in one of the best movies of all time… Stone Cold. I’m talking about our ole friend GMLB… Leonard Boswell. In case you missed it. And judging by the lack posting of this video in the blogosphere, you have. Check it out. Dave Price has had it… but no one else is talking about it? Seriously? What do you kids think about this YouTube nugget?