First part of this week, we have some sports updates. For today, I brought back my man A-Ro, of A-Ro's Sports Blog. Facebook peeps can check out his stuff here. You may remember him from his NFL Draft preview. We've talked a little bit about Olympic fever and everything else. A-Ro has joined the "Act Like You've Been There Before" Movmement. Here's his guest post of the day. Take it away A-Ro!

First of all, congratulations to Shawn Johnson on winning the silver medal in the all around gymnastics competition. She performed very well and was deserving of her medal. Second, let's talk about all of this "Iowa pride" stuff. I understand that Shawn is from West Des Moines (Valley) and Lolo from Des Moines (Roosevelt), but in my opinion Iowans are too overly obsessed with athletes from the state. Don't get me wrong, I am not "a hater", but it's true. Everyone falls in love with the next athlete, whether it be Shawn, Lolo, Zach Johnson, Kurt Warner, etc. Or Iowa fans, who constantly say, "If we wouldn't have lost to Iowa State, we would have been in the national championship game." Please. ISU fans, you don't go free either, "If we wouldn't have got the fouls called against us, we would have beat Michigan State and been the national champs." Ah huh. I mean, seriously, there is such a thing as having pride but there is also have too much pride.

If LeBron James helps the Redeem Team win the gold medal, is he going to come back to Akron, OH and have a big parade just for him? I don't think so. Are the streets going to be packed in West Des Moines if Shawn has a parade? Of course they are.

I know Michael Phelps will get a big welcome back home and from the whole nation because what he is doing is unbelievable. With 8 gold medals, he would definitely deserve the praise. But, he is doing something unprecedented, while we are watching Shawn and Lolo win a few medals. C’mon, Iowa. Maybe I do sound like a hater, but it is the truth. I am not going to sit and here and hold my breath on every move that Shawn and Lolo make. Am I proud of them? Yes, as I am of all Americans competing in the games. This competition comes around only every four years and has elite athletes in the world involved in them. I am just not drooling over them like everyone else seems to be.

But, Iowans need to act like we have been here before. Instead of getting all excited and hyped every time one our athletes makes it big, we act like little kids going into a toy shop. We should have a swagger about us that makes people think that Iowa can raise great athletes instead of "corn bred hicks". We just need to stop being too giddy over every little thing and realize we do produce quality individuals in this state and should be proud but not overly obsessed with them.
Thanks for chiming in A-Ro. Thoughts QCI-ders? Tomorrow is an exclusive 2008 Iowa Hawkeye Football Preview. Talk amongst yourselves...