Ladies and Gentlemen… please welcome back to the stage, Mr. Richard Morgan Fliehr.

Wooooo! Yea sorry, kind of on a Nature Boy kick this week. But you know what? Our party could use a little Ric Flair smack talking when we can. I mean… yesterday QCI spread some TL love around. As we should. Their running a good campaign. Good staff assembled and they are working it. And we predict a win in the 4th.

Now with a little news from the west coast. Joe Trippi has signed on to consult for the guy running against Steve King. While a significant pick up and I’m sure Joe will make some dineros of the deal… Steve King is gonna win. He’s got a good team out there. Loyal following and organization. Much like Cub fans in March… hope always springs eternal for the Dems in the 5th District. Do I need elaborate on this one? Don’t make bring Ms. Shue into this again… oh… alright, you pushed me to the edge.

I have a better chance of spending a wonderful weekend in the Hamptons with Elizabeth Shue than the Dems have a chance of taking the 5th District seat… or taking out King for that matter.

Hmmm… Elizabeth Shue… hearts! …sigh, not gonna happen either.

But, I’ll tell ya, I like Joe Trippi. And totally recommend his book, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Great read (if you can get past the Bush bashing stuff)… a keen insight from one of the pioneers of online activism.

SOME NEW STUFF – It’s gonna get hot out there this weekend. I’ve stumbled along a few new blogs for you to check out while you are keeping cool and praising the central air gods this week.

Constitution Daily – Was passed along this one. Fire up your inner winger with this one. Worth checking out. Iowa Defense Alliance – A good colaborative work of bloggers… if Constitution Day didn’t bust out your inner winger, the pilot light is out. Also, for you history buff types… as I was catching some of the earthquake coverage in LA, I stumbled upon this golden nugget by Larry Harnisch called The Daily Mirror via the Los Angeles Times. If you dig enough you’ll find a cool time line of articles leading to the Dodgers moving to LA from Brooklyn.

And by request…