Gonna take a break from drooling or mentioning Metallica today. Damn it… I just did. Oh well, here’s some crap for today.

OH BECKY... - Home Girl... the camera is on... and Mr. Meyers got a hold of it. Darn it, you were doing so well. Making Katherine Harris look like Einstein isn't very flattering on you... Sigh... Now do I have to give you the Uncle Dave speech? "We love you, but were disappointed in you... but we still love you." Keep this stuff coming. You know why 50% of NASCAR fans show up to races? To watch the crashes. Check out the video below...

LEACH FALL OUT – So… Hawkeye GOP went off on itKrusty chimed in… and conservatives across the state are screaming and foaming at the mouth saying, “I TOLD YOU SO!” Sigh… well, I’m not to cool to it either… but there’s another side of me that says what did you expect? Too bad… that guy could rock the sweater blazer combo like no other. No one else going to be talking about this later… because McCain and Obama will be picking their Veeps… and that’s all we will be talking about… that and the Olympics.

YOUNGSY GETS A STREET – The legendary Dic Youngs got a street named after him over on the Eastside. DMR has all the deets. Been listening to him probably since my ‘rents brought me home from the hospital. Well deserved and congrats Youngster. Miss ya on the radio.

QCI FACEBOOKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE – A little bit of shameless self promotion today QCI-ders. For you stalkers… cough… ER… Facebook members out there, there 3 things you can do to help and promote the World’s Crappiest Blog in our quest for crappy blogging…
1. Join the QCI Facebook Blog Network. We’re currently #3 in the Des Moines network. I say we kick all of their asses! So take a minute to join by clicking here.
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3. Join Facebook… seriously… all the cool kids are doing it… You not on Facebook = not cool.

OH JOHN… - So this Edwards stuff out there… Clinton people are saying, “We woulda won dude if he wasn’t in and this was out!!!!!” Huh? What? Are you telling me someone cheating on their wife would make a difference in campaign? Oh yea, this is something you Clinton peeps would know a thing or two about.

Speaking of winning, losing and another Edwards… more importantly Herm Edwards… he has a speech for you. Take it away Coach.