Another great one… since I’m moving this weekend.

Yup it’s a moving weekend for me. So, unless it’s on the radio or can easily be accessed on my Blackberry… gonna kind of be out of the loop. So, let’s try an experiment… here’s a handful of randomnous… chime in from time to time this weekend. Give you takes, your reports, snarky smart ass quips… and insight that you QCI-ders do so well.

DENVER WAS NO BEIJING – But, the Dems will try to spin it. Sorry guys, the Birds Nest was much more cool… but coincidentally… just might be as socialist.

Oh, and Obama people… Bush Cheney 2004 called, they want their rope line music back…

COLLEGE FOOTBALL – Cyclones off to a good start last night… as they should of. ‘Clone fans… how’s Thursday night football? Pros? Cons? And to my fellow Hawkeyes… what’s your take on this year? All will be good in the world when I hear Gary Dolphin’s voice at 9:00am tomorrow… then I know… the college football season is here. GO HAWKS!

VEEPSTAKESOK… I’ve totally caved into the veep stuff. It happens every time. Dark horses are coming out of the woodwork. Who’s it gonna be? At the time of posting... Palin is the talk... thoughts? Once we get the confimed pick… what do you think?

Chew on that for a while… ‘cause that’s all I got. Even though it’s a union holiday… have a great and safe Labor Day weekend…