Alright, giving the Metallica thing a rest today… but as I said in the comment section, love the haters coming out and posting. Dave Mustaine? Good work out of you. Nah, today we don’t have much scoop today. So if Kermit the Frog says, “It’s not easy being green…” at QCI… sometimes, it ain’t easy being random. But we fight throw it. Fo sho. So here’s some crap and a recap. So grab me some Grimes Corn because I’m just straight butter… “Huh?” Awe yea… just over 15,000 hits….

MCCAIN SIGN MAKING PARTY! Got to show off my masterful sign making skills last night over at Team Straight Talk. All of these signs will head to the Twin Cities. You may just see some of these in PRIME TIME!!! WOOT! Here’s a few pics…

Which ones do you think will make the cut for the floor? I see 2 really good ones. s QCI-ders for McCain a coalition? it should be.

VEEP STAKES While I know that those crazy aviators at In Fly Over can get over themselves on this veep stuff… (not judging, it’s your thing doggs)… I’m just kind of sick of it. Like Hershel says… name ‘em already. Any predictions? Let me introduce you to my little friend, his name is comments.

QCI RENOVATIONS - So, I’ve mentioned a few times… the World’s Crappiest Blog is now in a designing phase of a complete renovation. Right now, we’re looking at concepts. But like a good garage band, I love feedback. Are there feature you would like to hear more about? Things that really suck? Things we’re doing right? Would you like to write for QCI? Let me know… email me at grantyoung72@hotmail.com or start the discussion in the comment section. Seriously, you all take the time to waste you’re here… the least I can do is aim to please. But… be gentle… and snarky is cool as well.