Whew… still trying to calm down a bit from the Metallica announcement QCI-ders. Not gonna lie, my Fall just got better. So you’ve got football starting… um, Fall weather is my favorite… Birthdaypalooza… football… will have a new nephew in our family this September… NEW Metallica album out in September… and to top it off, Metallica is making their 4th stop on their North American Tour in October. Those guys in the Old Mil commercial are right, “It doesn’t get any better than this.” Here’s 12 ounces of ice cold randomnous for today.

SHOP TALK TUESDAY – A Quick Lap Around Iowa Campaigns – Join Team Straight Talk for a House Party and conference call with the future first lady, Cindy McCain this Thursday. You can also help John McCain and get pizza for McCain Mega Monday, which takes place every Monday at the Victory HQ in Urbandale. Victory has also opened a new HQ in CR… fire it up Linn County! Polk GOP’s GOPFest is September 20th, with special guest Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlentythey’ve also revamped their website. Kim Schmett hit the soap box yesterday at the Fair and showed off his Obama/Boswell Tire Gauge. Polk County Supervisor Bob Brownell has a new blog, check it out. And 3M is hitting Loeb up side the head for “Chilling” while the hardest hit district in Iowa waits for relief. Also, her website is pretty good.

OUCH – You’ve already seen this… but if you haven’t… it looks like someone in the Al Franken campaign is checking out the classifieds today. Check this out. Sucks to be that staffer.

SPEAKING OF SHITTY ADVANCE WORKIn Flyover has a good snap of Lt. Guv Judge… bashing McCain’s energy policies but having the gall to have her state paid State Trooper car in the back ground. Oh and Exxon-McCain ’08? Yea right… nice try. Nothing like a campaign gimmick at taxpayer’s expense. Someone bust out Conan’s stamp…. ASS.

WHO SAYS THERE’S NO IRONY IN THE OLYMPICS – I’m sure this picture is making its way around the internet by the time I post this. It’s the picture of the day. In this picture is a Russian and a Georgian Olympian. What’s their sport? Sharpshooting.

AND FINALLY – Looks like another East Coast ivory tower elitist is endorsing Obama… In FlyOver has it all via Radio Iowa. Jim Leach is endorsing Obama. Thoughts? Really use and abuse the comment section today QCI-ders… let’s hear it. Oh and how random is that there are 2 In Flyover articles today linked? Answer, they are damn good.