Mixing up today a little bit QCI-ders… there have been some questions on the comment sections and some that have landed in the QCI Mailbox. While everyone is doing it, I’m holding the 1st eva, “QCI MEDIA DAY.” Let’s start with a short press conference to answer the questions, comments and insults… in no particular order.

West Side Courier -“Mr. Young, how do you feel being called a sell out for all of your gushing about Metallica?”
You wanna start this off with that one. Alright, it’s your right. You all know Metallica is great. They just are. You’re just pissed because you have to look a little harder to find your super cool underground bootleg recording of some obscure snobby indie band no one has heard of. As I’ve said, yes, Metallica are sell outs… they sell out every single show the play, everyone of their albums go platinum, 5% of all songs requested in the word are one of theirs, and are the most played/requested on Rock Band and Guitar hero. They are Gods… and we are mere mortals. Their new album is going to blow your mind. Next question...

Ingersoll Inquirer - “G$, why does it seem you’re the only blogger on our side that actually puts their name on their stuff? What’s with all the anon blogs?”
G$: Well there are some that tag their names to it. Sporer, Donny Boy at Cyclone used too… David Chung at Hawkeye… but I don’t know, it’s an interesting question. I’ve always wanted to do one of these blog thingers. When I started I made a commitment not only to my readers, but myself, that if I’m gonna do this… gonna stick my name to it. Now, I’m not gonna go all “I’ve taken my mask off, let’s see if they can take off theirs,” ala Joker in the first Batman. We have some great stuff out there. Krusty is legend. Battleground, In Flyover, and Constitution Daily are good reads. And there are a whole bunch of others out there worth adding to your morning reads. Good question… who’s next? …oh, a follow up?

Ingersoll Inquirer – “So you’re not interested in knowing who these bloggers are?”
Please, give that shit a rest… that’s so 2006. Get over it. They write good stuff. Leave ‘em alone. Next question…

Merle Hay Monitor – “You’ve been criticized for no mention of the up and coming 2008 Hawkeye Football season… is it valid?”
G$: I’ll tell ya. We haven’t had so much good news out of that program. It’s just brought a Debbie Downer to me when trying to root for them. Have no fear. Once I hear Dolph on the pregame show on the 30th, all of that will disappear and I will once again become a militant Hawkeye fan.

Southside Sentinel – “We’ve never got an official stance on the smoking ban from you. While easy to figure out… what’s your take?”
G$: I smoke. I enjoy it. I know it ain’t the best for you… listen, after a long day of work… I enjoy turning on a game on the radio or on the tube, crack open a beer, light a cig and relax. Same goes for my hang out Flannys. Check what game is and smoke and joke with my friends. My problem is that you are telling small business owners how to run their business. Oh and enforcement of the law? Turn in your neighbors. When was the last time we heard of that? Oh yea, Nazi Germany. While Smoker Hating Emily at Battleground and other are jumping for joy… I see it as a slippery slope. What’s next to outlaw? I’ll take a couple more if anyone has some…

South Hamilton Record News – “2010… you and other have stirred some chatter in the blogosphere… any more to add?”
G$: Um not much… I mean we have this whole election going on now. Maybe we should talk more about that. I’m just as guilty about looking at the next cycle… but, there’s a long ways to go. I’m still sticking with my names right now.

Glen Oaks Observer – “What’s up with no 7.2 Questions? And all of your other features… sup wit dat?”
G$: Working on it. Stay tuned. As for the features, I did the first mix tape. I’ll be branching out to more than just your average political sewage. Although, that’s what keeps the peeps coming back… not the 69 jokes and Metallica references.

QCI Press Secretary, The lovely Elizabeth Shue – Alright everyone, thank you attending we will close this with a final statement from Mr. Young, then we’re headed to Flanny’s.

G$: Thank you everyone for attending the first of many QCI MEDIA DAYS. You know if you any questions, comments and insults you know where to go. Now if you excuse me, Ms. Shue and I are off to catch the preseason opener for the Chiefs down at Flanny’s. Please feel free to join us. GO CHIEFS!