I know in August, there isn’t much other stuff to talk politics… but we get a little creative here at QCI to stretch a post out or 2. So here we go!

SIOUX CITY JOURNAL – Alright, so everyone knows about the riff between SCJ and Steve King… but I saw an article from the same publication today that seems like they were trying to make some big shocking news… “McCain opposes farm policies popular in Midwest”. Huh? What? Oh no! How will he win anything in the Midwest! OH no!

Um, Sewer City Journal… um, yea… that’s not news… oh I’m sorry it was news 10 months ago… were you guys even covering the Caucus? Oh, and by the way… he opposes all subsidies. Where’s Conan O’Brien’s red rubber “Ass” stamp when you need it. My apologies, but stupid articles like that are annoying and piss me off.

“G$, the AP wrote the story.” Yea, I know. Stamp “Ass” on their foreheads too. And then once more on the SCJ for running with it. Oh, one more time for putting up the comparison as well.

OH HELL YES! Told you to bust out the Pepto. If there’s a new Metallica album on the horizon… your buddy G$ money is gonna have it on the brain. From reviews and articles I’ve been monitoring, it looks like they going to some old school roots. I’m hearing that there’s a whole lot of Justice album influence with a dash of Master. Here’s a little sip of one of their new songs…

WHAT ABOUT BOB – The new and up and coming Constitution Daily blog is taking on the 2010 discussion. Looks like they’re doing a candidate by candidate preview… today CD takes a look at Bob VanderPlaats.

SCHMETT VIDEO – Ala TV Guide, I’m calling it the “One of the Better Campaign YouTubes Your Not Watching.” Yea, because it’s only been watched over 155 times or so. In a few discussions with loyal readers I’ve got a few reviews:

“I like it, nice work.” ”I like it, but maybe shouldn’t have had the candidate doing the talking.” “Clever, I like the ‘Under Secretary of Important Things’ bit… hilarious.” “Gas prices are a good issue, keep hammering on him.”

Let’s really use and abuse the comment section on your reviews of “One of the Better Campaign YouTubes Your Not Watching.” Have at it.