Wow... you Metallica haters out there are stewing, aren't you. Yes, to one anonymous poster… Motorhead rules. Anyway enough about that stuff… if convention time! It’s like the presidential cycle of the finals… (primaries are the playoffs). Any hoop… here’s your convention style randomnous.

DNC, DAY 1… THE WASTED OPPORTUNITY - Boy, those Obama folks know what they are doing…. At least that’s what the rank and file want to believe. Did you watch it? Here’s a lightning round of takes from last night.

TEDDY – Smart move… gave the Obamas and Clintons something to agree on. Plus, it’s Uncle Teddy. I’m probably the only one, but… they’re the Kennedys… doesn’t give him a pass on his issues and behavior… but, it’s Teddy! Alright, that's enough of that...
LEACH – You heard it here first… Jim Leach did not have some sort of epiphany. He didn’t as BO said, “Saw the light.” That’s all horse shit. Jim Leach hates McCain. That’s it. This is simply away for Leach to stick it to McCain. Sorry Dems and elitist Obama folks… it’s the truth… don’t try to put lipstick on a pig… because in the end… it’s still a pig.
WASTED TIME – I thought James Carville’s head was going to explode. Did anyone hear the name George W. Bush in prime time? Me neither. Seriously? What was this, a RPI dinner? No one uttered the name of the evil one? What about McCain? You Dems just wasted one quarter of your free 4 hour political infomercial. Word to the wise, the GOP and Team Straight Talk will not make the same mistake.
BIDEN – We haven’t chimed in about the new Veep nominee yet. And since his mug was everywhere last night… let’s chirp about it a little. I like Joe Biden… but I also like him for the same reason why Republicans like that he’s on the ticket. He’s out spoken, tends to ramble… and is always off message. This Fall just got better.
CLINTONS – Tonight will be a fun to watch. Good news is that the cable networks are all over the Clinton/Obama drama.

Did I miss anything on this? Really use and abuse the comment section today... I'm feeling ornery...

TWIN CITIES – Another QCI Exclusive for you next week! SANDY CAM!!!!! Yes, our favorite legislator Sandy Greiner is going to be our QCI Correspondent… scoop, sights, sounds and hopefully (if I figure out how to do it) VIDEO FROM THE SANDY CAM!!! WOOT! Stay tuned for more and fancy graphic.

UM, WHO IS ADVISING HER? So yea… in case you haven’t heard, guess who’s leading the Pledge of Allegiance on the night Obama accepts the nomination? I’ll give you a few clues… she’s everywhere… Iowans can’t stop talking about her… oh, she was made of butter a week or so ago. Um, yea… your golden girl with the winning smile, Shawn Johnson… what’s your thoughts on this QCI-ders? Let’s hear it.