Zaun is still rockin in the free World...

More stuff from Urbandale... or as the cool kids pronounce it... Err Ban Dah Lay.

BRAD ZAUN IN THE HIZZY - Not only are peeps rocking in the free World over at Branstad/Victory... Team Brad Zaun office is burning up the phones as well. They have armies ready to hit the streets and need help too.

Also, in case you missed it... Brad Zaun was on 60 Minutes last night... Check out the interview here.

EPIC IDEA - Had a message from a loyal reader who isn't able to make it out the HQ to help... But offered to make goodies for the worthy warriors. What an epic idea. I know there's a tired staff and hard working volunteer crew out here that could use a little fuel. You can't make it out... drop off some goods for the troops.

Alright... more to come... stay tuned... you got anymore chatter? Email me up... grantyoung72@hotmail.com

Stay thirsty friends...