God's Country Politics...

Getting back to a little bit of God's Country politics... Its the greatest place on Earth... So let's chirp about it.

LOCAL STUFF - We said it before... and we'll say it again. Keep your eyes on the Bacon/Olive and Bailey/Iverson races... this is the key to a new majority in the state house. From what we have been told... there is a reverse wave for Bailey and Olive... both got in on the last Dem waves... And the IDP came prepaired with good candidates recruited. Yeah... these guys can say they are moderate and vote on their own... but, there's one key vote to remember, friends... they both voted in Gronstal and Murphy to leadership. If you needed anything else to know about what happens when push comes to should... there it is.

GOOD EATS - Hey, if you are in the Jewell area tonight... and you wanna eat good... Stop on over to Good Shepherd Parish for their annual Election Night Chili Supper. It's crazy good... and my mom has been making some epic peach pies. From 5-8pm tonight over on the corner of Deckor and Edwards Street in Jewell. If you go, tell 'em I sent ya... and say hello from me.

CALLING ANOTHER RACE - Yeps... we're calling the race for County Supervisor in Southern Hamilton County for David Young... my uncle. One of the best elected officials I know... I'm biased... for sure... But he has no opponent. So there you have it.

More to come... did you vote yet?