Heated sidewalks... heated freaking sidewalks...

If the Iowa House Democrats didn't want any headaches... maybe they shouldn't have gotten so cocky last session... An issue that is hitting the airwaves that is sure to get the ashtrays flying against walls over on Fleur Drive... An issue that is for sure making the blood of the Dem Legislative Leadership boil...

Heated sidewalks. Yup. Heated freaking sidewalks.

Here's how we got to this issue... So there was this bill that was voted on, H-8402 (oh lookie lookie at me, dropping bill numbers, like a boss)... any how it was this green initiative that was for geothermal sidewalks specifically for West Union, IA. There was some amendments and such... Long story short, this was you basic run of the mill pork bill. This wasn't added to another budget. it was its own bill. Straight party vote. Democrats who loves themselves some spending... said voted yes... including Donovan Olson from Boone... and Mike Reasnor of Creston... both Dems who are feeling some heat and uber strong opponents.

Yeah... how good is that vote looking now?

Anyways... we are being told that this is an issue that is clicking with voters in these districts. And rightfully so.... Heated freaking sidewalks? A few questions probably being asked.

Taxpayer sensible types are asking, why are we spending money on heated sidewalks? Then there's freeloading types asking... Where's my heated sidewalks?

For the sake of the future of this state, Tuesday can't get here any closer.