Predictions? Exit polls?!! Yesssssss!!!

Oh yeah baby... what's a legit news soruce to do? *ginormous smirk*

Of course we're gonna make some predicitions... I have heard from some of you who are a little disappointed that we didn't do our usual Gameday Post... Lo siento... #horriblejoboutofus... but the writing team here at QCI is a little busy making the calls, putting up the signs and mailing the letters... trying to get you suckas to do the right thing. Get the vote out for the good guys.

So... here's how this is gonna down. Our keen insightful, fun loving, junior high humor joke telling crew is pumping out some predictions... AND we have pollsters and techy thingers that will be not only predicting winners and losers... but we have the ability to call a few races... How cool is that?!!! I know!!!! Freaking amazing. All of your high fives and fist bumps are belongs to us. Muwahahahaha.

OK... Stay tuned.. Stay thirsty... and while you are cranking some phones... crank this little ditty...