Early Afternoon News and Notes Dump...

Alright here's an early afternoon Election Day news and notes dump... hahaha... dump.

I HAVE AN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY - Dudes... been dialing for freedom the past week over at the Victory HQ... And here's something I'm figuring out... there is a good amount of households in the State of Iowa who have yet to hear about this technology called, answering machines. Freaking answering machines. Dudes, now hear me out... there's a goldmine here. Answering Machine Stores in every strip mall across the state. Think about. We will be rich, bitches!

SO GOOD SO FAR - Hearing good things out there... Getting word that precincts where we want high turnouts... are big big turnouts. And from three poll watcher who just dropped in... say that the same day registrations have been all Republican... and 1 indy... Wave? Yeah, wave.

FOR YOU SOUTH HAMMY ELITISTS OUT THERE - I have recieved a few emails from proud South Hamilton High School grads who are a little concerned with Branstad voting this morning in of all places, Ogden... I know, Ogden... But let me set the record straight. He lives in rural Boone County and has a Boone address. He does not live in Ogden. The record is clear. But three cheers for some good ole fashioned Heart of Iowa Conference smack. #goodjoboutofyou

More to come... Stay thirsty....