Question Time... Discuss...

Yes... I know. We are posting more here. You're get a little excited. I know this. I can feel it. I'm serious, we have tons of stuff coming your way. More post-election stuff... I know... kind of stretching it out it bit... (that's what she said) Here's some quick hits for you in case you feel frisky and wanna chirp in the comment section for once... OK... go!

- Efff efff efff efff!!! The Chiefs lose to the Raidahzzzz... not fun. Not fun at all... Damn you Sea Bass!

- Iowa State/Nebraska... seriously, I kick the field goal. Guts are guts... but, I kick to live another day... Seriously.

- Jeez, the Cowboys are goats. Wow.

- So how much are we spending to send POTUS to India?

- Per today's Krusty... hope delusional is Culver?

- Follow up... when did the DMR get all biased and things? (smirk)

- House and Senate Rs meet up today. Congrats to the new leaders!

- Mustache or no mustache? Got mixed reviews.... but turns out some of you love yourselves a lip sweater on my mug.

OK... discuss... and enjoy this awesome Soundgarden vid that will make you rock out with your caucus out. Stay thirsty my friends and use the comment section.