Party, Turnout and Judges...

As the phones continue to burn... Pizza continues to be nibbled on out in Urbandale... ANd we are still proving to be your favorite source for news and maybe wasting your time... heavy on the maybe.

HY-VEE CONFERENCE CENTER - Not HyVee Hall downtown... the one out in West Des Moinesis where the GOP will be partying it up tonight. Here's the address.... 5820 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines... dial it up on your Garman... Remember its the Conference Center in West DeMo.. not HyVee Hall downtown. Got it?

HEAVY HEAVY TURNOUT - Sources close to QCI via the Secretary of State's office are telling us they are thinking turn out could be 55 to even 65%. And we are just about ready to see the work crowd hit.

JUDGES - Have had a few emails about this. Are the judges out? Yes, they will be. I say they are on the fact that voters like me have been voting no on judges before voting out judges was cool. You know the old saying... when in doubt, vote no.

We have some more predictions and stuff on the way.... A little more than 5 hours until the polls close. Light 'em up.