1st Congressional District... and G n R

We got our first dispatcher from out East calling in this morning with some stuff going in the First Congressional District.

As you all know Bruce Braley and Ben Lange are in an epic fight. Some interesting news and notes that might be a barameter for things to watch.

First, our source is telling us that inside polls are showing Braley up in Waterloo... and Lange killing it in Scott County... that where the Quad Cities are for you people in Story City reading... Anyhow... the battleground has now become Catholicsville, USA errrr Dubuque. The same place were Vice President Biden just visited with... from what the locals are telling us... a poor showing for such a Democrat stronghold.

Also... Team Braley was lighting the phones last night attacking Lange on taxes... push poll? Eh... prolly not... but it should tell you something.

While we're looking at Dubuque... keep your eye on it. Remember, Branstad has won that county before... and there's a very good Right to Life movement there...

So ponder on that one for a while and stay thirsty... and HEY! It's Election Day y'alls! I think we could use some G n R....