Tweet it like you mean it....

Is this how politics and social media works out sometimes? Hmmm… maybe.

Here’s how a little text messaging conversation went down with a pal of mine from DC. For some reason this makes me laugh. Probably because… most hacks are guilty of it. I can smell my own. Enjoy….


MY PAL: hey, give a little retweet love to my last tweet, yo.

ME: Oh. Nice nice. Astroturf much?

MY PAL: f*ck u

ME: Bwahahahahahahahaha

MY PAL: help a bro out dogg

ME: OK, I got you man. Tweet tweet Birdbrain.

MY PAL: u suck, but still the man. Thx.

ME: Astroturf!

MY PAL: shut it wise ass

ME: Youre welcome.


And… awe yes… with friends like these, who need enemies?

Just another bizarrely lived moment in my World.