Ride the Lightning Round

Hmmmmmm... new feature? Don't get too excited dearest loyal readers. Well... This idea stems out of a couple conversations I have had the past few days.

I don't know why people ask me questions about things or particular subjects... but I'm a chatty type of kid, so it's all good.

So I figure, I'd throw out a bunch of subjects... do my quick take on it and call it close. If you got any things you want to ad to the next "Ride the Lightning Round" (super clever name inserting Metallica in to this feature, if you ask me) then email me up.... OK... let's do this.

The Iowa Caucuses - Yeah... that didn't take too long to start, didn't it? First debate set by NBC... and the candidates are planning trips to the state... its not even Thanksgiving yet. Even. Better.
The Kansas City Chiefs - Yes. The Oakland loss still stings. But effff 'em. It's Denver Week. Time to put a whoopin on the methheads ERR Broncos.
Veterans Day and Birthdays - Be honest, some of you wouldn't have thought much about Veteran's Day... or your former 5th grade basketball team mate's birthday for that matter... if you weren't on Facebook.
Facebook Follow Up - Also, are you less patriotic because you didn't say anything in your Facebook status about Veteran's Day? Think about that one.
Iowa Family Policy Center - Yeah. I know, right? But, when you first heard about it.... were you really surprised? C'mon son.
Meghan McCain - Who is Meghan McCain and why should I care what she has to say? Seriously, never heard of her. Did I miss something?
Iowa Hawkeyes - Effff... why don't I ever have a good feeling about playing Northwestern? I mean, it's effing Northwestern.
Boston Celtics - Bwahahahahahahahaha! Or as loyal reader Yoda said, "Miami Heat? More like the Miami Clowns Machine!" Bwahahahahahaha! Celtics!
The Tokyo Sandblaster - I can't even try to imagine what that means. Although, my first thought is... painful, slopped up with a side of hideous?
Remember November 2 - Who could forget? OK... I got it. We won. Let's change some of those avatars out there people. It's kind of lame-ish.
The Des Moines Register - Not sure what's more annoying... their political leanings or those uber huge take over your screen freeze your computer ads on the main page of their website.
Snow - No. I'm not ready for it. I speak for many. I have authority here. We are not read. Please no.
New Book Releases - So many books to get... too close to Christmas-ish. But, the new Denis Leary looks so awesome... might have to pull the trigger when it comes out.
Iowa State Senate - Noice. Although, I think its laughable how tough Former Governor Mike Gronstal is talking. Better yet, keep talking, sir.
Epic Book - Awe crap... get this. I hvae changed the format 4 times now. But, its still gonna rule. Maybe I'll just push out pieces at a time. Release it... the Book Tour the hell out of it. Yessssssssssssss!
Iowa State House - Two words, Charlie effing Smithson, dude. (Kuwait a minute)... I have to admit, had to have this one explained to me. But after that, yeah man, how awesome is that?
You are always on your phone - Hang on a minute. I need to reply to this. It will just take another minute.
New Tunes? So freaking good. Danielle Ate The Sandwich. Move over Elizabeth Shue? Could there be a new American Sweetheart? Hmmm... for real, she belts out epic stuff. YouTube it.
Elizabeth Shue? She is America's Sweetheart, always will be. I mean... well... if you don't believe so... why don't you go back where you came from Mao Zedong.
Good Eats? How have I been in the DeMo this long and NEVER gone to Little John's Burgers on 2nd north of Euclid? Crazy good.
FourSquare - No I did not check in here... or there... or anywhere... You can keep all those FourSquare badges for you Girl Scout sash, pal... Yeah... not a fan.

OK... that was easy enough. More to come... stay thirsty my friends.