The Morning After...

Hey hey hey!!!! What an awesome night! Numerous staffers and volunteers are sleeping it off right now… probably dreaming of a greasy cheeseburger to kill off the upcoming hangover. But not here at QCI… we’re up and at ‘em… Cmon son, we’re legit members of the media! Yes, I can hear you saying it now... "Child please."

Tons and tons of stuff for you this morning… in a very random order.

NATIONAL STUFF – Caught a glimpse of the national map for US House late last night. Looks…. Really nice.
KASICH! Woot! So awesome to see the guy who inspired me to get into this whole damn thing is the new Governor-Elect. Freaking awesome.
THAT MY FRIENDS WAS AN ASS WHOOPIN’ – Talking about Branstad. Sing it friends… “I… got a feel-in’… Terry is back in Terrace Hill!” Where was this Culver momentum Kathie Obradovich? For real... any report who bought this Culver momentum stuff should be ashamed they even printed it. Seriously.
BRANSTACHE NO LONGER – Yeah… totally grew a Branstache for the final push… At the party last night, a volunteer asked me, “Would you like a Branstad sticker?” Then I’m like… “Dude, um, I have a stache… represent.” Sadly… shaved it off this morning… it had a good run. I have more notes on this… stay thirsty on this one.
GOD’S COUNTRY IS SOUTH HIGH RED - *happy happy dance* Good to see Southern Hamilton County is gonna be represented by the good guys! Congrats to Stew Iverson, Rob Bacon and Dave Deyoe!
EAST POLK COUNTY – Something that should be a developing story… how did Funk get beat that bad… something doesn’t smell right.
STATE HOUSE – Speaking of ass whoopins… When a wave hits… this happens. But I’ll argue that the House Rs did a methodical job…. Good issues… Great candidates… that’s how you debate.
CONGRESSIONALS – Iowa is a funny place sometimes. While they’ll switch somethings… they’ll keep some the same. Proud of MMM and Zaun running good races… honorably. Hold on to your hats with Lange… that one ain’t done yet.
STATE SENATE – Some thought 25-25 was far fetched? Um… still 2 races being hashed out. Would be great to get to 24… Somewhere there are ashtrays flying in Gronstal’s hotel room.
OUR PREDICTIONS – QCI is the king of media!! *uber smirk* Hahaha…. We called 3… nah 5 races early yesterday… but we Schultz right. Right if you mean it was on everyone else’s brackets too.

Also… thanks for all the shout outs at the Victory shindig… thanks for reading and thanks for hooking us up with the most hits since I got my car stolen the day after the ’08 election… you people do read this!

Also… in case you’re concerned… car didn’t get stolen this morning… it is a new day in Iowa…. More to come… Stay thirsty… and we bust out this song to all the winners last night…