Live from Urbandale... it Election Eve....

Live from the Branstad/Victory HQ. Where the phones are buzzin', peeps are pumped... and victory is less than 24 hours. The entire ticket just got done with a rally about an hour ago. Here's a quick update for you all... What I'm hearing and interesting tid bits you might like...

THE STATE HOUSE - The poobahs that be are saying the worst kept secret in Iowa right now. The State House is going back to the good guys. Now its not if its gonna happen, just by how much.

SECRETARY OF STATE - Schultz is gonna get a win tomorrow night. This might be a small surprise. We've seen the polls, heard the buzz. Here's the deal, Mauro's name ID is gonna hurt him.

THIS WAVE - Yeah, I've been chirping about the wave... but its more. You wanna know why these races up and down the ticket are in play? Sure... yeah... its a good year... but the real key? Good candidates. Some top Rs are saying this is one of the best recruiting classes in a very long time... A wave is one thing... crappy candidates are another. And we don't have crappy candidates.

THE BRANSTACHE - So a lot of you loyal readers came up and said hey tonight at the rally. You all are awesome. And thanks for the shout out on Branstache I've been sporting for a few days. Do I keep it or lose it after the election?

VOLUNTEER EFFORT - Holy freaking crap dudes!!!! I'm being told we are at full capacity at all of the centers across the state. Plus... I can tell you... they are crushing phone goals.

EPIC CUPCAKES - Dudes, you HAVE to score some of these cupcakes from Fancypants Cupcake Co. They are freaking amazing. Dudes... they will make your eyes spin, yeah... that good. Shout out to loyal reader and co-owner Sara Craig. She brought a bunch for the peeps. Learn more about these awesome cubcakes by Facebooking this up.

More to come... Stay thirsty and crank this one... You ready?