What the hell is going on around here? Oh, it’s primary season! Here’s a nice portion of link sausage ER linkage for you. A few stories that are heating up and my must read of the day from my ole pal Chris Faulkner.

TEAHEN IN FULL TAILSPIN - Don’t take my word for it. Just ask Battleground and Krusty. Yikes man.

DROPPIN’ BOMBS IN HOUSE DISTRICT 69… HA HA 69In Krusty’s tailspin post, he also mentions the carpet bombs that are being dropped in House District 69… ha ha 69… Not bad for a candidate who is “just finishing up school”. That was dumbest line I’ve heard in a while. Seriously, how’s Chuck Larson doing today? Wasn’t there some kid in CR running for the house who was also “finishing school”… you know what they call him now? Oh yea, Ambassador… ha ha… 69… still can’t get over that one.

SCHMETT NUMBERS ARE INJ. Norm at the DMR has all of the deets.

YARD SIGNS AND BUMPER STICKERS WIN ELECTIONS – Well… sometimes that’s all you hear when you’re a staffer from the grassroots. Chris Faulkner offers a very cool solution. It’s my MUST READ of the day.

“RECOUNT” REVIEW AND REFLECTION THIS WEEK - Alright, so I got to watch bits and pieces of the HBO movie "Recount" yesterday. It’s bringing back all sorts of memories. I taped it so when I get a chance to watch the entire thing this week, I’ll post my review and reflections of the event I participated almost 8 years ago. So don’t spoil the ending for me…

TORNADO REFIEF HELP – Again, here’s a link to the Red Cross to donate and volunteer for disaster relief being handled by the Hawkeye Chapter. Give what you can QCI-ders.