Um… it’s way too nice out to be blogging. You should be grilling. So as a very special thank you to all of my loyal readers, I’m offering up one of my specialty grilling recipes. That’s right, you now can look like the gourmet stud or studette that you are and make Grant’s Mushrooms.

Oh and… since that time of year… anyone have morels? Have skillet will travel.

Alright back to this recipe. Seriously, it’s not that much to put together, but for some reason when I make this, I get rave reviews and raise expectations… which is totally against my philosophy of keeping expectations low. So, when you head out to grill tonight or tomorrow… give this a try, then post your review here.

A variation of a Young Family Favorite. Made for numerous Jewell garage parties, tailgates and chillin on the porch type nights. Now I usually make a double order of this… you may too. Happy grilling.

- 1 stick of butter (cut it into 5-6 pieces)
- 3 teaspoons of garlic (more or less if you like)
- 1/2 of a handfull of chopped parsley (fresh is great, dried works)
- 0.5 teaspoon of black pepper (more if needed)
- 1 package of portabella mushrooms
- 1 box of aluminum foil

- Cut the mushrooms into strips
- take the aluminum foil and create a bowl for your ingredients

1. Put cut up mushrooms in the foil bowl
2. Place pieces of the stick of butter in the bowl, distributed evenly
3. Distribute garlic, parsley and pepper evenly in the foil bowl
4. Wrap foil bowl in more foil. Do a couple of layers all the way around until you have a huge aluminum burrito
5. Throw it on the grill for 15-20 minutes with the cover down
6. Open carefully (it’s hot!) and enjoy.
7. Your friends ask you what time your Food Network show starts.

I'm off to go grill myself... have some Senate race stuff for you tomorrow. Some one pass the garlic.