AFF's WELCOME MAT FOR OBAMA - Obama is hitting the East Village tonight. Check this video out... welcome back Senator!

KNIFE FIGHT FOR THE SENATE 2008!!! - OK, I totally need to make a new graphic for that title.

You know what’s pretty cool? Local campaigns here in Iowa are starting to embrace new media (blogs, ect.). As a recently retired hack, this blog has been a fun way to still keep a finger (not the middle one) on the pulse of what’s going on out there in the trenches. I’m usually getting 2 or 3 emails a day from a campaign who is trying to shape the message, echo chatter and story of the day.

A recent email I received from a US Senate campaign in Iowa served up some good stuff that you may or may not already know. First, it’s your basic piece (although geared towards bloggers) that you see in every single Republican primary from Dog Catcher to President. I’m the REAL Republican… yadda yadda yadda (though nicely put together memo, I will add). Any who, here’s three Cliff Notes I found interesting from the email:

1. Steve Rathje is refusing to debate his 2 opponents. Huh? What’s he got to hide? This memo also noted that Rathje himself said:

“I won’t be in the same room with those ‘Johnny-come-lately’ candidates” or “those two don’t deserve to be in the same room as me” and my favorite “they (Reed/Eichhorn) don’t deserve to be in a room with me.”

Yea, the "I’m better than you" bit… that one is gonna go off well with Iowa Republican Primary voters, just like a loud fart in church is always a big hit.

2. Bill Salier endorsed Reed? Nice grab when you are trying to win the mantle of “I’m more conservative than you infinity” title. BTW, am I way off when I hear his name, I’m thinkin’… Superman?!?! Say it all at once QCI-ders, “Dude, it’s Reed not Reeve...” Oh yea…

3. A pretty good sports analogy/dig at one of the other candidates:

“This candidate believes he should be handed the Republican nomination simply because he has been in the race the longest. This is like saying that Harvard should be allowed in the BCS National Championship or NCAA Final Four every year simply because they were the first major University, not because they are the best team and earn it.”


All in all this should be a very interesting race to watch… until there is a debate (if there is one) looks like the only joint appearance showdown will be at the Lincoln Dinner on the 30th at Embassy Suites.

EDITOR’S NOTE – I will make my final predictions ala Game Day style on June 1st. So be ready for the randomness and snarkiness!