A quick wrap here... and on to the post game show at Flanagan's...


2nd District: Miller-Meeks was up first. She was really good. Fiesty and showing why they are called the Bulldogs in Ottumwa. She's tough, had a great message. And reminded the crowd... don't underestimate here. She also had the most people stand and applause. Theahen spoke. Did very well. Good polished speaker. Used one of my favorite movie lines, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore." Had a good reaction from the crowd... although for tonight I give Meeks the edge. Just from my view at table 50.

The other guys with out opponents: Hartsuch spoke... did good... but the real news is, he looks great in a tux. Nice work my man. Then Kim Schmett... best lines of the night I think go to him. 1) Keep it short 2) the first person to actually say a Lincoln quote at the Lincoln Dinner.

Speaking of things said and not said... although referenced... name never used his name... can you guess it? At a Republican Party function, not once were the words George W. Bush uttered. Referenced... but never said.

Now before you all start going Scott McClelland on me... I'm just saying. Kind of a stunner.

Will have some more recaps and thoughts tomorrow... sometime. Until then...