2nd DISTRICT BATTLE – I don’t know why I keep forgetting, but we gots ourselves some primaries coming up. And one of them is in the words of Flavor Flav, “is gettin’ heated heated.” The 2nd District Republican primary is starting to provide the fireworks it promised.

On one side it’s Peter Teahen and the other Marianette Miller-Meeks… oh and Lee Harder if you are paying attention. Teahen has looked like the frontrunner early on. You know, being from Linn County, a supposed power base and being one of the first one out running. BUT, according to a Lee Corso like source to QCI… “Not so fast my friend!”

Krusty is reporting on a sentiment that I’m hearing a lot out of the 2nd… Word close to QCI reports a very Fred Thompson like run. Miller-Meeks put a pretty damn good ad up… and has been running hard.

Also, if you look at the back and forth releases the other day… (not that I want to open old scabs, but) this is kind of reminding me of arguments between the Rudy and McCain camps. On one side you have Teahen who is touting his work on disasters and Miller-Meeks who has actually military experience. Just a thought… but was seeing some déjà vu.

DISLAIMERS! Alright, maybe it’s because I worked on Federal Campaigns my entire career and the inner hack… but to federal campaigns in Iowa… SOME OF YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG! Listen, it’s the one mistake everyone makes in proof reading a flyer, signup sheet, or door to door piece… disclaimers. You either completely forget them or do them wrong. Here’s how they are supposed to look if you are with a federal campaign.

A box around it and at least a 12 pt font. So there. Fix it and get to know your federal campaign laws. Thank you.