A little Weekend Update for all of you BBQing and relaxing for your extended holiday weekend. Now, one of my favorite past times on Memorial Day Weekend is checking out the Indy 500. Some of you may know I spent a short stint in Indianapolis… never caught the 500, but moved in on that weekend.

At first glance when I moved, I went through Speedway, Indiana (where the track is located on the NW side of town). It seemed like there were like a million liquor stores around the track area. I’m thinking, man this must be a rough part of town. I was quickly corrected by the locals when they told me, “Dude, they make their money 4 weekends during the year. You can bring beer/drinky drinks into the Speedway with a certain size of cooler. It’s a blue collar area. It just gets a little wild during race weekends.” Word.

As you know there are some really serious racing fans out there. It’s dang near a religion. But just about 50% of anyone who goes to a race whether it be NASCAR, Knoxville, or the NHRA… they go to watch the wrecks. For some reason this weekend, there are a couple of disasters in federal election races.

CRASH IN TURN 2 – EASTERN IOWA CONGRESSIONAL SPEEDWAY – Krusty (who is in well mid season form BTW) is reporting on the wreck in the 2nd District Republican Primary. It seems as though Miller-Meeks has perfected the art of “political drafting” (a little shout out for you NASCAR crazies) while Teahan’s pit crew is having some serious issues with his tires. He’s losing some serious traction. This one looks like it could go into the final lap of the race, and if he isn’t carefull, Miller-Meeks is going to throw him in the wall and cruise to victory under a yellow caution.

LARGE CRASH – SOUTH DAKOTA INTERNATIONAL DRAG STRIP - Are you freaking kidding me? The comment (wreck) that is being heard around the world… enter driver Hillary Clinton in the 08 Ford Pinto. Busting out a RFK reference to Obama for her reason for staying in? This comment after the buzz that QCI is picking up that a Obama/Clinton ticket is already in the talks. Watch Insiders tomorrow to see what I mean. That has to have been turned into another wreck that everyone will surely be watching… Memorial Day Weekend or not.