Here’s some Memorial Day stuff for you.

TORNADO REFIEF HELP Here’s a link to the Red Cross to donate and volunteer for disaster relief being handled by the Hawkeye Chapter. Give what you can QCI-ders.

TWO U.S. SENATE PRIMARY EMAILS – So running the World’s crappiest blog sure does have its perks. I get emails from campaign trying to form the message of the day. QCI Rules for Campaigns: I’m firm, I’m snarky… but I’m fair.

EMAIL 1 - Christopher Reed’s camp is doing a great job in his new media outreach as I received a special Memorial Day message from him today. Here’s one clip of note from his message:

To all our veterans we have a simple yet heartfelt message -- thank you -- all of you, for your service. We want you to know that your example serves to inspire others who follow in your footsteps. Thank you for your selfless-service in peacetime and war, here in this nation and throughout the world. For all veterans, regardless of their service and the era in which they have served, have paid a price for the freedom we enjoy.

Well put. If you see a veteran or a member of the military… thank ‘em... every day of the year, as well as today.

EMAIL 2 - Steve Rathje’s camp sent me something this weekend. But you know what? Since he is better than everyone, I’m not going to pass along his stuff. I’m probably not worthy of passing on any information from him and you are not worthy to have the informations passed on to you… he truly is better than all of us. All I will do is remind folks how better he is than everyone… that’s why he won’t debate his opponents… he’s just clearly better than you.

RECOUNT – Anyone catch the Recount movie on HBO last night? I missed it… but I know the story… have Ryder truck, will travel.

TUNE OF THE DAY - Can't get this one out of my head. Want a tune that will put you in a great mood and just get you straight strutting for the rest of the day? Crank this up and oh… you’re welcome.