FINKLE AND EICHORN, RATHJE AND FINKLE, RATHJE TO EICHORN!Team Eichorn sent out a release today announce more endorsements. The key part of the release is the 4 former endorsements for Steve Rathje, switched to Eichorn. Nice work. Hershel has a little more thoughts in a new batch of his famous Kasserole.

What’s next in the “KNIFE FIGHT FOR THE US SENATE 2008”? Uncle Ted and the Polk GOP are hosting a debate Friday… you know, the one Rathje is too good for. Battleground has chimed in on that train wreck. BTW, Battleground is putting out some pretty good stuff lately…

Anyhow, let’s not let Rathje, Eichorn and Finkle have all of the fun. Christopher Reed has served up some good endorsements. Most recently he won the support of the Gun Owners of America.

Here’s a blurb from the letter from Tim Macy, Vice President of Gun Owners of America to Christopher Reed:

“Defenders of the Second Amendment in Iowa need a devoted and reliable voice in the U.S. Senate. The current junior Senator has an abhorrent Second Amendment record and a dangerous attitude toward the right of self-defense.

However, you are a gun owner and sportsman who fully understands the fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Iowa needs a Senator who respects the Founding Fathers and their pledges of lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. You recognize what the Second Amendment means and value its importance.

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund enthusiastically support your intention to join the U.S. Senate and join the front line in defense of the Second Amendment”

So the Reed camp is bringing guns to the KNIFE FIGHT FOR THE US SENATE 2008!... I can’t get enough of it!

WATCH DOGGY DOGG – So my main man Dave Vaudt, the Taxpayer’s Watch Doggy Dogg, is bustin up some knowledge for tha Dems. Here’s tha release. You know a budget is bad when you see headers like: “Poor Financial Practices Continue,” “General Fund Budget Only Tells Half the Story,” or “Iowa’s Maxed Out ‘Charge Cards’ Create Problems for Iowans.”

Christopher Rants adds to the chorus:

"The auditor's criticisms of the Democrats’ budget echoes what House Republicans have been saying since early in 2007," said Rants. "Democrats who campaigned as conservative, pro-business candidates came to Des Moines and became big-spending liberals. The auditors' criticism is further proof that while the Democrats claim to have approved a fiscally sound budget, the truth is that they went on a spending spree and tried to hide it from the taxpayers. I commend Auditor Vaudt for being diligent in revealing the truth behinds the Democrats’ irresponsible and bloated budget."

It would be pretty cool if Watch Doggy Dogg started to bust out, “There’s some much problems wit tha budget from DHC, it so hard to be the Watch D O double G… ‘Cause I, some how, some way, keep busting up these fools bitch ass budgets, just like every single day…”

Here’ a tune in honor of Dave Vaudt, Watch DOOOOGG-Y DOOOOGG…