Alright, it’s been a lot of fun reading these Chad Barth moments. Hope everyone has fun out at the Catina Marina in DC. Buy Barthy tons of shots.
HOUSE DISTRICT 69… HA HA 69… - Ole Krusty served up a good one today on what seems like a little heated primary that is brewing up in the Northwest Suburbs of Des Moines. It’s my MUST READ of the day. Ha ha… 69… it never gets old.

SPECIAL INVITATION FOR QCI-DERS – Forwarding a very special invitation to all of my loyal readers. You are cordially invited to T-Roy’s 2nd Annual Crawfish Boil. It’s Saturday, June 28th starting at 6:00pm until ???? Come enjoy fresh crawfish flown from Louisiana and chuck a few hurricanes… and all the fun in between. RSVP to Troy Bishop at troybishop28@hotmail.com. See you there. Nice invitation cover by the way T-Roy. Wonder who made it? Hmmm….

And now to close off… any interested in some modern art, ask for my boy Serge… he’ll get you a good deal. “Get the f--- out of here!” No I can not.