A little bit of a change up to today’s Countdown. Primaries and general elections are starting to heat up… your television screens across the country. Here’s a few ads that I have been sent and or stumbled upon.

AMERICAN FUTURE FUND POLITICAL ACTION – “Laugh Track” (Playing in Minnesota)

Yikes! Nice work. You know I actually still think Al Franken is hilarious. It’s too bad (although his right) that he got all lefty activist like. Great stuff AFF!

MITCH DANIELS FOR GOVERNOR – “Change That’s Working” (from Indiana)

Full disclosure here, I’m a huge fan of Mitch Daniels. I am the self proclaimed Hawkeyes for Mitch Chairman. Love this ad, not because it highlights all of the good work getting done in Indiana, but I’m a sucker for dramatic music. MY MAN MITCH ’08!!! Wow, a governor that actually gets things done… take note Big Lug.

JOHN MCCAIN 2008 – “Health Solutions” (Playing in Iowa)

Of course I think everything JSM does is great, but the interesting note is that this ad has been playing in Iowa for a couple of weeks. Who says Iowa isn’t a battleground anymore?