Let’s see here. There’s not much buzz going on out there… the Districts have come and gone. We have a new State Central Committee and the weather is showing some signs of summer… all is good in the Republic today. So in honor of a bunch of my old NIACC buddies I ran into at the tailgate yesterday, I busted out the old Goose. Choose NIC-NAC Thirst! Oh the old days… great to see you dudes… when the party at Pink Apartments this week?

APPROACHING 6,000 HITS – Again, thanks to all who are dropping by and hitting me upside the head when have a lack of posts. When I first started this thing, I figured… “Is anyone really gonna ready this thing.” You are and I annoy my loyalist of readers when I slack off for a few days (or a week). Got some good advice from some media types and bloggers on how to get a little better at this. If I’m not posting THE hottest scoop of the day… rest assure I will amaze you with my better than average wit, charm and some random ass movie that I know by heart. And no more Jared Allen posts, because I’m over him.

CAMPAIGN PEEPS – I’m talking to you. Many campaigns in the state are embracing “new media” and have added me to their press release lists. Keep ‘em coming. When it comes to the spin of the day, I’ll give you my guarantee that I firm but I’m fair… if I’m not posting your stuff here, there are 3 situations why: 1) someone else posted on it all ready 2) you sent me a release from Captain Obvious (ie: FLASH – The Sun Also Rises in the East) or 3) you can call it triple A grade laziness. So for you loser campaigns out there (loser meaning, you don’t want your stuff on the world’s crappiest blog?) add grantyoung72@hotmail.com to your press list.

FALLON V. BOSWELL – This is a hell of a race to watch… because it’s getting nasty and hotly competitive. I mean. Ole GMLB has his peeps out there hitting the streets. Fallon has a great hard core base from his Gov run. Oh and in case you missed it, Fallon won the entire 3rd District in that campaign. From my view in the nose bleeds, it looks like Fallon has attracted a lot of folks from the Obama organization.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but have seen some of the franked mail coming out of Boswell’s official office? Environmental pieces? For real? Must be nice to run a campaign at taxpayers’ expense. Stay tuned to this one QCI-ders.

MAC BACK IN DES MOINES – Yea, I know this is completely late to talk about, but I just wanted to give a shout out to all my peeps at Team Straight Talk. Great to see all of weary warriors and volunteers who didn’t surrender during the dark days of late summer. Your dedication and enthusiasm paid off… now, let’s put him in the White House.
WHERE THE HELL IS SKANKS? Now that Krusty is back... where is the complete set of Krustacians? Yoda is always in the house. Cedar is always bringing the east coast party, 'cause the east coast party don't stop. But, where is that hilarious poster who had the handle called "Skanks for the Memories." Damn that was some hilarious stuff. Skanks- I'm calling you out you dirty SOB. I know you're all out there... need a place to go? Stop at QCI!

ANYTHING WITH JIMMY PAGE EQUALS DAMN GOOD – Yea, even the one he did with P. Diddy. But to get you on your lazy Sunday or Monday Morning reads… here’s a great one with Page and the Black Crowes doing “Ten Years Gone.”